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WTR Surf | Paddle


01. Project Details

WTR Surf | Paddle is a California-based surf shop that provides the best surf and paddle boards, apparel, and accessories on the market.

Taking its name from the water, WTR sought to take inspiration from its core. They asked us to develop a mark that incorporates the sea, surf, SUP and the surf-life culture. We combined these to make a simple yet powerful mark that truly speaks to their brand and the market. Combining this mark with a modern and edgy logo type aided in the better communication with the target audience.

02. The Deliverables

Along with the development of the logo and mark, WTR asked that traditional brand materials, apparel, and packaging was developed. Also developed were a series of teaser social posts and a website concept for future development.

03. Website & E-commerce

To support WTR’s new identity and to modernize their online shopping experience, we worked to develop a fully functional website with built in e-commerce. We sought to follow a minimalist design with touches or color and texture to work alongside the brand identity system.

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