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Life Time Presale Ecosystem Campaign


01. Project Details

When Life Time opens a new club, whether it’s an acquisition or new build, that club goes through a 9-month presale period. The purpose of this period is to intrigue and excite prospect members to become founding members and join the waitlist at the new club location. 

The ask was to develop a multi-channel paid media campaign to support NCO 9-month presale period from waitlist through 1-month post-grand opening. Our goal was to continue to associate Life Time as premium brand to both established and unestablished markets. We broke the prospects experience into 4 stages – Tease, Desire, Discover, and Experience. Below are the tactics developed for each of the 4 stages.

Stage 1. Tease


“I feel curious and intrigued.”

Something is coming. It is like nothing else. It will change your life. Your neighborhood will never be the same. Big changes are coming, to the landscape and to your life. Get ready to become a healthier version of yourself in a place designed to energize, inspire and transform. 

Stage 2. Desire


“I want to be here.”

This is Life Time. Premium, world-class, luxury resort. Healthy Way of Life destination. Exclusive but welcoming “Your new home”. Introducing a destination like no other. It’s immense, yet intimate. Elegant, yet inviting. High end, but not intimidating. Meticulously designed to inspire and sustain your healthy lifestyle.

Stage 3. Discover


“I want to be a part of this.”

This is what happens at Life Time, a Healthy Way of Life community. People you’ll meet. Things you can do. Experts to partner with you on your journey. Reimagine what it means to live a healthy lifestyle, then discover countless ways to achieve it. Take on challenges. Open up to possibilities. Do what you love. The wait is almost over — come be a part of it. 

As part of this phase, we sought to showcase a breath of all of Life Time’s offerings. to make this happen we made 5 video versions – Classes, Weightlifting, Cardio Floor, Family, and Relaxation/Low-Impact.

Stage 4. Experience


“This is for me.”

Something for everyone. Being here feels great. Urgency – now’s the time. When you combine the power of positivity with the passion of human experience, amazing things happen. Endorphins run high. Empowerment is in the air. Goals are set, met and surpassed. This is what Life Time does for you.

As part of this phase, we sought to display that now is the time to join Life Time. As the club is now open, we sought to show urgency in being a part of Life Time while laddering up to the Love Your Life moments.

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