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HidrateSpark TAP Launch Creative


01. Project Details

HidrateSpark TAP is the latest innovation in the HidrateSpark Smart Water Bottle product line. This bottle is a major game changer in the under $30 water bottle industry, offering premium smart hydration benefits in a price-sensitive marketplace.

With the recent launch of this product, my team helped to develop the creative look and feel of the HidrateSpark TAP brand, while paying homage to the PRO line that they currently offer. We leaned towards a premium look and feel and utilized animated creative resources to develop an array of launch assets.

02. The Deliverables

The major asset creation for this launch was a skew of paid media and adroll tactics, as well as pop-up and ads on our App and Homepage. These assets stayed cohesive for all tactics to create a cohesive branding for the new product line.

03. Animated Assets

We developed animated asset’s using a series of 3D renders to bring life to these smart water bottles. Below are a selection of some of these assets, which were used across paid media and website product images.

04. Lifestyle Images

In addition to our product focused assets, we had internal photoshoots of our products to capture both marketing and UGC imagery to be used across our website, organic social, and paid media campaigns.

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