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Kinetik Spray Paint


01. Project Details

Kinetik Spray Paint is a collaborative concept project initiated from a New York-based Graffiti Artist. Seeking to develop a new form of Spray Paint, Kinetik offers an opportunity to spray two color bursts from the same can.

We worked closely with an anonymous New York graffiti artist to develop the brand identity and packaging for his new company. Helping to name the company, we nailed down Kinetik, a misspelled version of Kinetic which stand from the art of movement and energy, a lively and dynamic motion. This ties closely with the street art scene as well as the color offerings from the brand. Developing a simplified mark and wordmark aided in more cohesive brand, and a modern twist gives the brand a better connection to their market.

02. The Deliverables

After the development of the naming and logo, we sought to offer a cohesive packaging system that allows for the duel-color offerings to be easily understood, allow for the products to jump off the selves, and attract the customers attention. We landed on a swirling paint texture that accounted for these goals and allowed the packaging to better associate with the lively, kinetic brand architecture.  

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