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Brand Identity Packaging

Pumpkin Patch Brewing Co.


01. Project Details

Given the season, we felt like it was necessary to develop fun project to truly get into the Halloween mindset. After many beers and too many Halloween Town movie marathons, we created the Pumpkin Patch Brewing Company. 

Seeking to infuse beer into the Halloween Jack-o-lantern, we developed a mark that utilizes hops in replace of the pumpkin stem. Pairing with a spooky webbed logotype, the Pumpkin Patch Brewing Co. branding was established. We created a logo system as well as patterns to support this brand.

02. The Deliverables

Obviously no brewery is complete without a line of beers. After careful research *** a few more beers ***, we created an initial line of 5 beers. Supported with a color and spooky theme for each beer, we create a fun packaging system that is easy to add more products with in the line. Enjoy… and Happy Halloween 🎃 

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