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HidrateSpark Tumbler Launch Campaign


01. Project Details

The HidrateSpark PRO line recently dropped a new addition to their product lineup – 20oz Insulated Smart Tumbler. This marked a few first for the HidrateSpark brand, including the first bottle to hold hot and cold beverages, our first dual drinking bottle, and the first smart tumbler.

My team was tasked with the brand direction and initial launch campaign for this new product drop. Unlike other launches, this one came alongside a few App updates that includes being able to tag beverage types, have those beverages impact your water intake, and visual changes. Below is a small sample of the launch campaign as well as evergreen brand elements for the new Tumbler line. 

02. Launch Creative

Our launch lead with a simple one-day teaser phase, followed by 4 days of preparation for launch. In that time we gave away some information on the new product, shared that app updates will be coming and allowed users to sign-up for more information. The launch streamlined to our current customers via SMS, e-mail, and organic channels while we focused paid media to be more acquisition focused. Below is some of this creative.

03. UGC Photoshoots

Within our tactics, we say a need to gain lifestyle imagery for our launch and post-launch phases. We leaned to stay cohesive with our authentic-styled imagery, but sought to add a storytelling element by following along singular models to show how this bottle can be used as a go anywhere, drink anything tumbler.

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