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Forbici Modern Italian


01. Project Details

Forbici Modern Italian is a Tampa-based family Italian restaurant located in a hip and upscale part of Tampa, FL.

In the spirit of family meals Forbici was created. A restaurant where you are at
home sharing food, enjoying good company and making memories with
family and friends, old and new. We sought to create a simple, welcoming logotype that showed the high-end mentality without being too over the top. Forbici wanted to let pictures tell the story, so this logo helped to allow them to do this but also to ensure that the logo could work with any image or video that Forbici wanted to showcase.

02. The Deliverables

Along with the development of the logo and mark, Forbici explored how the logo could be used on menus, signage, print good, shirts, and endless amounts of other marketing assets. In addition to these, Forbici and Jordan Lee Creative have partnered to continue the development of social media marketing as well as other forms of digital marketing. 

Images are courtesy of Braandy Media and Forbici Modern Italian.

03. Website Development

In addition to the other branding assets, we developed a fully responsive website to display the restaurant’s fancy interior design, delicious food/drink menu, friendly and welcoming staff. Forbici asked for something that was luxurious yet modern, casual yet upscale to properly fit their newly formed brand.

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