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CoolSculpting Organic & Paid Social Campaigns (Part 1)


Real stories from real patients

What's Your Why?

The goal for this campaign was to utilize real patient stories and testimonials to bring authenticity to the results and to the CoolSculpting® marketing efforts. We used the messaging strategy of “what’s your why” to add an interactive element to the campaign and to position the viewers rational inline with the real patient.

This series had 8 IG Reels, 1:1 In-feed Posts, and IG Stories from 6 different patient stories. These were used on all social channels organically, as well as being lifted for paid social ads. See a small from the campaign sampling below.

Driven by Data

I developed the “Drive by Data” campaign to be an ongoing series to share key statistics, milestones, and information for CoolSculpting® Provider social accounts (CoolSculpting® HCP). These animations were cut in 1:1 infeed and stories to be used on Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin.

What's the difference?

CoolSculpting vs CoolTone

CoolSculpting® and CoolTone® are similar, each treatment offers different benefits. We developed this campaign to quickly and easily define what each treatment does. We delivered this series for both paid and organic in 1:1 and story format for Instagram and Facebook

What's the difference?

Myth vs Fact

There are a lot of misconceptions behind CoolSculpting® treatments—we developed this campaign to combat these head-on. We are initially testing these with 4 misconceptions to be used as paid ads for all social channels. Our goal, to change the viewers perception and intrigue the viewer to learn more.

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