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Art Direction Brand Identity

Hyde House


01. Project Details

Hyde House is an exclusive, gallery-style coworking space located in Hyde Park Village, Tampa.

Ahead of the grand opening, We were tasked with producing a full scale brand that is closely associated with Station House brand. In addition we were asked to develop brand guidelines and promotional materials to position the brand for a successful grand opening.

02. The Deliverables

To best produce a successful brand, we aided the Hyde House brand with a detailed set of Digital Brand Guidelines to inform every aspect of Hyde House‚Äôs image presentation. We also delivered complementary business card designs, and marketing and promotional materials including artwork, posters, and more.

03. Alternative Logos

This brand development took a few different turns during the designing process. The original concept asked by the client was to develop a lion based logo that tied back to the history of the Hyde Park neighborhood and tradition. Here is a selection of those logos that were explored for Hyde House.

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